About Dr. Yucel

0_0_0_0_199_149_csupload_33459831Dr. Yucel is a Graduate of University of Medicine And Dentistry New Jersey Medical School UMDNJ, Department Of Pediatric Medicine and Residency Program and an Attending Physician in Pediatrics at Hackensack University Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in New Jersey and in the country.

He is a graduate of one of the Leading Medical Schools in his home country and has an extensive practice experience in the field in Primary Care for all ages, General Medicine and Primary Care in Family Medicine and Pediatric Medicine.

After a life threatening, life changing health problem of a loved one in his family 14 years ago, he developed a genuine interest in Pediatric Medicine, Complementary, Integrative Whole and Natural Medicine and his perception about the medicine was dramatically changed.

He has decided to serve and guide young patients, parents by promoting all aspects of healthier living and better Medicine with his compassionate and heartfelt care and pediatric practice for children and young people.

Dr. Yucel’s Mission

Dr. Yucel’s mission is to provide an exceptional pediatric healthcare and “To care for my patients, your infants, your children and adolescents like our sons and daughters.”

Dr. Yucel’s Services

Dr. Yucel strives to provide:

  • Birth/Newborn to 20 years old Preventative and Comprehensive Pediatric Primary Care for infants, children and adolescents.
  • Pediatric Medical Care, Well Visits of all ages above.
  • Vaccinations/Immunizations, periodic Check-ups. Sports and school physicals.
  • Friendly immunization schedules with mutual cooperation.
  • Avoiding antibiotics and medications unless absolutely necessary.
  • WIC forms
  • Daily hospital visits to our newborn babies from birth to discharge from the hospital.
  • Acute illness office visits , sick children admission to hospital and inpatient follow up.
  • An enhanced understanding, natural, complementary, integrating pediatric healthcare perspective and an approach to the conventional classical and whole pediatric care and treatments for feeling better, living better for healthy new generations.

Dr. Yucel’s Approach

Dr. Yucel also provides:

  • Recommendations and guidance for nutrition to enhance the body’s own natural healing and wellness for infants, children and adolescents.
  • Patient and parent education for avoiding toxins, chemicals, artificial colors,artificial flavors, artificial preservatives in food, avoiding exposure to toxins such as pesticides, plastics and plastic sourced chemicals, air pollutants, indoor air quality, second hand smoking and water pureness, avoiding exposure to heavy metals to prevent illness.
  • Compassionate and individualized pediatric care, partnering with parents to bring the best options from classical traditional pediatrics with integrative and new ages complementary, holistic medicine.
  • Complementary and individualized prenatal visits and parent education.
  • Complementary prenatal classes for parents will be coming soon.

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