About Vaccinations

Our practice would only care and treat your child as if they were our own family, our own children. We care and think what  it is very important and what is best for keeping our children healthy  and protecting them from life-threatening diseases and from their devastating consequences.

In recent years, especially after the internet era has begun, there is a lot of controversy on whether vaccines could be the cause of any harm/disease/conditions, especially in virtual circles, online, and in the media.

We understand and keep a genuinely open mind towards these concerns and share the questions and trying to increase our scientific objectivity about this matter.

At the same time, as a medical professional, doctor, and a father of three, who cares for your precious, I have to follow scientific guidelines and recommendations and distinguish the misinformation, fiction and rumor from the facts and scientific reality.

Some people associate the “Natural” in pediatrics with “No Vaccines” or “No Shots.” We recognize and acknowledge all those concerns and questions in minds of many parents; and we are proud to say we like to work with our parents and are open minded for friendly and comfortable vaccination schedules. However, we believe in tremendous benefits of vaccinations in conquering the childhood preventable diseases. We believe that the benefits of vaccination outweigh not vaccinating and its potentially terrible consequences.

About Dr. Yucel

0_0_0_0_199_149_csupload_33459831Dr. Yucel is a Graduate of University of Medicine And Dentistry New Jersey Medical School UMDNJ, Department Of Pediatric Medicine and Residency Program and an Attending Physician in Pediatrics at Hackensack University Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in New Jersey and in the country.

He is a graduate of one of the Leading Medical Schools in his home country and has an extensive practice experience in the field in Primary Care for all ages, General Medicine and Primary Care in Family Medicine and Pediatric Medicine.

After a life threatening, life changing health problem of a loved one in his family 14 years ago, he developed a genuine interest in Pediatric Medicine, Complementary, Integrative Whole and Natural Medicine and his perception about the medicine was dramatically changed.

He has decided to serve and guide young patients, parents by promoting all aspects of healthier living and better Medicine with his compassionate and heartfelt care and pediatric practice for children and young people.

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